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Aashi is a excellent tutor . Very professional and very reliable . Forthcoming with new learning techniques for the kids. Excellent way of communicating with the kids.

My kids have been tutored by Aashi for months now and really look forward to seeing her. She has helped us through lock down and through the summer holidays.

Kids have improved in all subjects from English and Maths to the Sciences. My son has even a greater interest in Art than ever before since Aashi has been on board !

Very impressed and look forward to working with Aashi moving forward

Manish, Senior Consultant 

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Brilliant tutor. For me, Aashi has created rewarding lessons that always insure progress each lesson. She has demonstrated patience and adaptability to my maths needs and quickly finds ways to explain away any difficulties I have. Aashi also recaps elements of the lesson so I am are aware of my progress and journey and for the first time in my life I am enjoying Maths! I very much recommend booking with her.

Jason, adult student

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Aashi has been teaching our kids (primary level) since summer this year. She is a wonderful tutor and provides lessons around their individual personalities; stretching the elder one, and being supportive and passionate with the younger one. She is flexible and friendly, and is an ideal home teacher. We are fully satisfied with her teaching style. Our both kids get along with her very well and always looking forward to their next session.

Alina, Technician